Blackened salmon recipe

Blackened salmon recipe

Blackened salmon with daring spices is a tasty dinner created in just 15 minutes! Apply a swift dry season mix to each and every fish fillet, then pan fry until a flavorful dark crust appears on the surface. It’s that easy!

Blackened salmon is a go-to recipe when a seafood craving hits! It’s rapid and effortless to prepare with minimal hard work. It’s 1 of these dishes that can be paired with any side dish to combine up a weeknight dinner. A blend of savory, spicy and sweet seasonings are generously coated on each fish fillet, including delicious flavors and textures whilst it cooks.

When the salmon is extra to a hot pan and cooked for just a couple of minutes on every single s >

The Spice Rub

When I’m looking to quickly add flavor to proteins, a dry spice rub does the trick. My blackening spice is a mixture of paprika, cumin, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, chili powder, and black pepper.

The stability of heat, savory notes, and sweetness from the spices get enhanced when cooked in the oil to assist the unwanted fat-soluble flavors intensify.

A generous coating of the blackening spice is utilized to the flesh side of the salmon fillets. For these who like further crispy fish, the skin can be left on and fried in the pan. Otherwise, eliminate the skin and season both sides of the salmon.

Selecting the appropriate oil

The salmon gets pan-fried in a thin layer of olive in a big heavy skillet. Be certain to take into consideration the oil smoke factors. The frying oil must be hot ample to rapidly sear the surface of the salmon, but not be too hot where it turns into overly smoky and breaks down. It takes a couple of minutes on every single side to create a crispy layer and deep golden colors on the salmon surface.

The result is tender and flaky salmon with a boldly spiced crust, it’s irresistible! I like to serve the blackened salmon with grilled corn salad or broccoli rice. Blackened salmon is a easy and tasty recipe that after mastered will be place on repeat and served weekly at the dinner table.

More Salmon recipes

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Sugar Helps with Blackening the Fish

Incorporating a small volume of brown sugar to the blackening spice mixture not only adds a hint of sweetness but also accelerates the browning on the surface of the fish. Sugar is composed of two straightforward sugar molecules, glucose, and fructose. At all around 200°F (93°C), the fructose starts to caramelize, and deep brown pigments form on the surface. This is a lot reduced than the 300°F temperature essential for Maillard Browning reaction to arise on its personal. The result is an appealing blackened crust in a quick period, which is beneficial because the salmon cooks quite swiftly.

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