How to cook plantains

How to cook plantains

Learn how to cook plantain with our easy approaches and top ideas. Try out it barbecued, fried or baked with plenty of spices and punchy flavours.

Plantains appear like massive bananas, and can be green, yellow or nearly black. They are normally eaten like a carbohydrate such as a potato rather than as a fruit, and this is how you want to consider of them to cook them effectively. They are usually fried as both chunks or thinner chips and served as a side dish all through the Caribbean. They’re also a staple carbohydrate in Africa, South East Asia, the Pacific Islands and in Central and South America.

How to use plantain

Unripe green plantains will come to feel challenging, with an astringent, earthy inside. At this stage, they are most like a vegetable, and have no hint of sweetness. When plantains are green, they’re really starchy and are best for slicing and frying to make chips or tostones – fried slices of plantain that are squashed flat and fried yet again. Green plantain can also be boiled and mashed to use as a starchy base, or sliced into stews as you would a potato. They can be very tough to peel when green, and the sap will stain something it touches, so take this into account when you prepare them.

At the following stage of ripeness, plantains will start off to turn yellow, obtaining sweeter and softer. Ultimately, they will flip black when fully ripe and soft. Riper plantain can also be fried (the flesh caramelises when ripe, different to the chips made with green plantain), grilled in strips or baked in its skin like a potato. Fried ripe plantain will crisp and brown on the outdoors and have a soft, yielding interior that is practically custard like baked plantain can be eaten as a savoury dish topped with salsa and soured cream, or sweetened with caramel or brown sugar and ice cream.

How to prepare plantain

Green plantains can’t be peeled like bananas – the skin is liable to come off and leave all the inedible pith on the flesh. This pith won’t cook down, so it demands to be removed. The best way to prepare a green plantain is to reduce it into chunks and then slice off the skin and pith with a knife. Perform on a washable board and make positive you don’t get any sap on your self. Cook the plantain quickly after you’ve prepared it, as it will start off to oxidise. Yellow plantains can typically be peeled like a banana. What ever colour of plantain you use, lower off each ends, as the flesh is typically difficult.

How to cook plantain

Fried plantain
Serves 2

1 ripe plantain (with yellow skin)
two tbsp oil or coconut oil

  1. Lower every single end off the plantain and peel back the skin. Lower into cm slices on a diagonal to give you a larger surface spot.
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan right up until sizzling. Fry the plantain on every side for a couple of mins until finally it begins to caramelise, making sure it does not burn.

Baked plantain
Serves 2

2 very ripe plantain (with black skin)
2 tbsp butter
pinch chilli flakes
1 lime, halved

  1. Heat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/gas 6. Slice the ends off the plantains and reduce a slit along the length of each and every. Put the plantain on a baking sheet, minimize-side up, and bake for 30-forty mins or right up until tender.
  2. Open the plantains out a minor and spoon half the butter into each and every with some seasoning and the chilli flakes.
  3. Bake once again for 10 mins, squeeze in excess of the lime and serve.

Our leading plantain recipes

one. Smoky spiced Jollof rice & coconut-fried plantain

This traditional West African-inspired dish is filled with bold flavours and punchy spices. Our smoky spiced Jollof rice & coconut-fried plantain helps make a healthy, hearty feast to feed a crowd. Even confirmed carnivores will be tucking into this veggie extravaganza with gusto.

2. Spicy vegetable stew with coconut

Pack in 5 of your 5-a-day with our spicy vegetable stew with coconut. This satisfying, flavourful household recipe has it all, and is full of dietary rewards. Include some spice to your normal midweek meals with this easy veggie masterpiece.

three. Barbecued plantains

Cook up this straightforward side dish when the sun starts shining. Our barbecued plantains are a Latin American-inspired dish and they are super straightforward to prepare. A squeeze of fresh orange juice adds a touch of sweetness to these savoury slices. Ripe, black plantains are best suited to this recipe.

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