Roasted chicken breast

Roasted chicken breast

This Chicken Souvlaki recipe is super-simple to cook in the oven or on the grill, and definitely scrumptious when loaded up with all of your favored toppings!

In excess of the past couple of months, I’ve had a handful of items mysteriously “disappear” after unloading them on the dining space table right after a journey to the shop. A bag of frozen peas…a package deal of corn tortillas…a snack pack of almonds…a number of mintsALL GONE. (Oh, and 6 packages of dry beans apparently sampled and rejected and scattered all around the dining room like 1000’s of pieces of confetti also, just for entertaining.) This was a brand new predicament for my small home.

But I had a single prime suspect. ? ? ?

Positive enough, the proof proved (sorry, tmi) that he was, in reality, really guilty. And also, thankfully quite alive following his tabletop raids. But still…very total, and very guilty.

That said, even though, the plot thickened this week. And I discovered that I may have offered him an unfair share of the blame, because new proof has confirmed that Henry may in fact have…an accomplice!

I had brought residence all of the elements to make this Chicken Souvlaki for dinner, like a fresh new bag of pita. And, per my new habit, I intentionally unloadeded the bags of groceries on the taller, non-accessible-to-an-11-lb-canine countertop, when I had to buzz out to a meeting just before placing the rest of the groceries away. And confident adequate, a handful of hrs later I came house to Henry and his significantly taller good friend, Fiona waiting for me, the two happily snoozing in a carb coma with two very full bellies, and the pita packaging actually sitting on the floor just a foot away from them. ?

Apparently, you can educate old dogs new tricks. Or they can educate themselves…especially when some tasty pita bread is involved.

Ha, safe to say, I’ve now turn into even much more disciplined about placing my groceries totally away instantly. And Henry and Fiona and I have had some long chats about generating excellent decisions. And of course, I did finish up creating a unique journey back to the retailer to pick up more bread, due to the fact these Chicken Souvlaki pitas had been just begging to be produced. ?

How To Make Chicken Souvlaki | 1-Minute V >

I’m guessing most of you are acquainted with this Greek classic. But did you know that it’s actually super easy to make at property?! All you require are a few minutes of prep time, a few basic components, and a sizzling grill or a hot oven. And — opa! — this recipe can be ready to enjoy in no time.

Just marinate some chicken breasts in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. (

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