Shrimp po boy recipe

Shrimp po boy recipe

Shrimp Po Boys are the greatest sandwich for seafood lovers! Tender shrimp drizzled with creamy, spicy sauce topped with crunchy cabbage on a soft roll.

Want a rapid lunch or supper that will have your family singing your praises? Seem no even more than these Shrimp Po Boys. The spicy, buttery shrimp cooks up in just a couple of minutes and the sauce couldn’t be easier to mix collectively. These sandwiches practically make themselves, nevertheless they pack this kind of a flavorful punch they’re sure to grow to be a family members favourite!

What is a Shrimp Po Boy?

This Southern favored originated in Louisiana in the late 1920s. Employees who were on strike against a streetcar business had been given totally free sandwiches by a regional restaurant. The restaurant staff nicknamed the strikers “poor boys”and the name “Po Boy” caught on.

How Do I Prepare the Shrimp for a Po Boy Sandwich?

Typically, this traditional sub sandwich is served on a soft baguette roll with meat, normally fried seafood (oysters, shrimp, catfish, and so forth.) or sometimes beef or chicken. Normally, the seafood is breaded and deep fried. For this recipe nevertheless, we just grilled up some shrimp making use of garlic and a spicy kick of Creole seasoning (our favored is Tony Chahere’s Creole Seasoning). Grilled or fried, these sensational sandwiches reign supreme!

The Secret’s in the Sauce

Smooth, creamy sauce atop the tender shrimp takes these sandwiches to the following degree. All it takes are just a handful of pantry staples like mayo, horseradish sauce, Creole seasoning and a couple other spices. You won’t think how delicious! Serve this sandwich alongside some Baked Potato Wedges and use the scrumptious sauce to dip. This meal is out of this world!

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