White bean soup

White bean soup

Here’s yet another a single from the archives: a satiating, comforting, complete-of-taste white bean soup with rosemary, garlic, and – if you like – some cream for additional richness (but it’s entirely fine without having!) I’ve altered up the recipe a bit from the unique – I’d added some entire beans, manufactured the cream optional, and reduced the oil a bit. Nonetheless a lot delicious! When you’re craving a straightforward, easy, and healthy wintertime dinner, this Tuscan White Bean Soup has you covered.

I’m writing this publish on Sunday evening as we view the Oscars. Forty-five minutes or so in, my takeaways are this:

one) My ears say Stewie is internet hosting. My eyes see one thing distinct. So extremely baffled.

two) The “We Noticed Your Boobs” song. Remarkably catchy. I give it a … C. (Sorry, that’s the breast pun I could muster.)

3) Paul Rudd was totally stoned, appropriate? No matter. Even now my celebrity boyfriend.

four) Jaws speech lower-off music?! Ha. Pure great.

five) Jessica Chastain. Just, gasp.

The reality is, I’ve usually loved videos, but in 2012, I saw exactly two in the theater: “This is 40” and “Argo.” The former isn’t anyplace close to the Oscars, and rightfully so – it was terrible. The latter, Argo? Each my guy and I loved it. And due to the fact it’s pretty significantly the only film we’re actually acquainted with, we’re cheering it on.

As far as viewing films goes, even renting the occasional DVD isn’t even shut to the very same because we had our minor one. The process goes anything like this: We place the movie on and settle in. 10, 20, or – on the unusual occasion – 30 minutes in, I doze off. The next morning more than breakfast, my man describes the rest of the movie to me. It’s in fact a extremely entertaining way to do it. Listening to my husband surreptitiously navigate the vulgarities of the final two-thirds of “Ted” in front of the baby was far far more entertaining than the 1st a single-third of the actual film.

This soup has absolutely nothing to do with the Oscars. I don’t consider I could relate it no matter how hard I attempted. I just happen to be viewing the Oscars at about the identical time I was prepared to share this extraordinary vegetarian soup with you.

About the least graceful recipe intro ever, isn’t it?

This soup is, just, fantastic. It’s hearty and light, rustic and classy, all at the very same time. Garlic and rosemary give it that unmistakably Tuscan vibe a excellent splash of heavy whipping cream at the end of the approach highlights all individuals great creamy cannellini beans. (Update: I usually make this recipe without the heavy whipping cream these days – delightful both way).

Serve it with garlic-rubbed crostini for a satisfying … what’s that? Jaws music?? Guess it’s time to wrap this up. Here’s the recipe, then!

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